Step-by-Step Guide: Purchasing Online




Finding a Part or Accessory to Order

There are several ways to easily identify and search for the part you are looking to order online. Whether you have a specific part number handy, or only know the device that a part belongs to, we have an easy way for you to find just what you need.


Using the Parts Catalog Search Bar

  1. Go to the main Parts & Accessories Catalog web page:

  2. In the Search Bar, type in a part number, product or accessory name, or any other part identification information you have available. Click on the magnifying glass or hit Enter to search.

  3. If you entered a specific part number, a single part will appear in the results. (Figure 1)

  4. If you entered a more general term, you’ll see a list of related results. You can scroll through the results to find your part, or use the filtering options on the side to help narrow down the results. (Figure 2)

  5. If a part is available to purchase online, you’ll see the blue Shopping Cart icon on the right. If the part is not available to purchase online, you’ll see a Find a Distributor icon, which will help you find the contact information for a distributor in your area to place your order.  

Figure 1 – Search for a specific part number


Figure 2 – Search for a general part and filter


On a Product Detail Page

  1. If you are already on a specific Product Page, click on the Parts & Accessories tab to view all parts and accessories available for the product. Use the filters on the left to help narrow down the selection to a part type. (Figure 3)  

  2. If a part is available to purchase online, you’ll see the blue Shopping Cart icon on the right. If the part is not available to purchase online, you’ll see a Find a Distributor icon, which will help you find the contact information for a distributor in your area to place your order.  

Figure 3 – Parts & Accessory tab on Product Detail page


Adding an Item to Your Cart

  1. Once you’ve found the part you would like to purchase, and you have identified that it is available to purchase online (see above), click on the blue Shopping Cart icon to add it to your Cart. 

  2. You can also click on the part number from the catalog listing which will open a modal window containing additional information about the part (i.e. shipping weights/dimensions and warranty).  From here, you can add an item to the shopping cart by clicking the blue Shopping Cart icon. (Figure 4)

  3. After you've clicked on the Cart icon, a window will appear confirming that you have added a part to the Cart. From here, you can either click on Continue Shopping or View Cart and Checkout. (Figure 5)

    *NOTE: If you would like to order more than one of a single part, you can update the quantity from your Cart. Enter the new quantity in the field provided and click the green Update Cart button to see the new price reflected in your Cart. You MUST click Update Cart to ensure your order is processed properly. 

  4. If you return to the product listing, you will see that the Shopping Cart at the top of the page has been updated to show that you have item(s) in your Cart. (Figure 6)

Figure 4 – Product Details modal window


Figure 5 – Part added to Cart confirmation window


Figure 6 – Parts in Cart indication



Checkout and Order Information

Checking Out

  1. When you are ready to place your order, click the green Go to Checkout button from your Shopping Cart. This will take you to the Log In / Registration Page. (Figure 7)

  2. If you have purchased directly from Welch Allyn in the past, just login. Remember, the login is a combination of your valid email address and password. If you are a new user, you must register to establish your online account. Click on the green Register Now button to get started. (Figure 7)

  3. To Register, complete all of the required fields in the Personal and Log On Information sections. Click the green Save button to continue to the Checkout page. (Figure 8)

    * NOTE: There are a number of benefits to registering. You'll be able to save shipping information to use for future orders, view your order history, plus sign up to receive updates on new promotions and product information.

  4. On the Checkout page, you will see your Invoice Address and Ship-to Address at the top. Your Ship-to Address will default to your Invoice Address, but you can change it here if needed. (Figure 9)

    * NOTE: Online orders ship to valid addresses in the continental US only. View our Shipping & Billing FAQs for more information. 

  5. Further down the screen, enter your credit card information. (Figure 9)

    *Note: Most major credit cards are accepted. Ground and expedited shipping are available at flat fee rates. For more information on shipping and billing, view our Shipping & Billing FAQs. Online orders ship from Welch Allyn within 5 business days.                                                                          
  6. Click the green “Continue” button to continue to the Check Order page.

Figure 7 – Log In / Registration page


Figure 8 – Registration page


Figure 9 – Checkout page


Confirm Order Details and Submit Order

  1. On the Check Order page, confirm that all of your order information is correct. If you need to adjust any information, click the green Back button to edit your order. (Figure 10)

    *NOTE: In order to ensure that only the finest quality parts are available through our Online Store, we have special requirements for returning a product that we ask you to review before placing your order. View Return Policy.

  2. That’s it. When you are ready, click the green Order button to place your order directly with Welch Allyn!

  3. The final page of the online ordering process is the Order Confirmation page. This includes your Order Number that you can use for tracking purposes. You can print this information by clicking the link at the bottom of the page or click the Back button to return to the Welch Allyn website. (Figure 11)

    *Note: You will also receive an email containing your order details and confirmation for your reference.

Figure 10 – Check Order page


Figure 11 – Order Confirmation page with Order Number




Welch Allyn makes it easy for you to manage your account and orders online. At any time, log into your account to:

a. Review open and past order detail
b. Check order status
d. Change personal information
e. Change password

For more information or answers to the most commonly asked questions, visit our Answer Center.

For additional assistance, please contact Welch Allyn Customer Support.