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Scale-Tronix® Integrated Scales


  • In-floor scales (6102 and 6154) are recessed into the ground to help reduce fall risks
  • Allow quick reweighs while patients are still on the scale
  • Weigh a continuous stream of patients without re-zeroing
  • Optional handrail lets unsteady patients hold on without affecting readings
  • Weight is displayed to an accuracy of 100 gm or 0.1 lb on a digital readout
  • Recall feature retains the last weight reading
  • All models display weight on a wall-mounted digital readout
  • No need to zero scale before weighing, even w/ patient on scale during power-up

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6102 Flush-mounted Floor Scale

  • For wheelchair, chair and stand-on weighing
  • Level with floor for reduced fall risk and ease of access
  • Bright, easy-to-read display
  • Dual system available for stretchers, beds, wheelchairs, etc.

5102 Physician's Stand-on Scale

  • Low-profile platform with wall-mounted digital readout

6154 Flush-mounted In-floor Scale

  •  Designed to easily weigh patients on stretchers

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