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Connex® Spot Monitor


  • SureBP® technology can provide BP in only 15 seconds
  • BP averaging to help ensure accurate hypertension diagnosis
  • Spot-check respiration rate digitally with Masimo® RRp sensor technology
  • SureTemp® Plus Oral / Axillary or Braun ThermoScan® PRO 6000 Tympanic Thermometry
  • Choice of leading SpO2 technologies: Masimo®, Nellcor® or Nonin®
  • Options for WiFi®, Ethernet and Bluetooth® connectivity to EMR systems
  • Single sign-on options—including integration with Imprivata—available for quick, secure clinician login
  • Connectivity to Detecto, Health o meter® and SECA scales
  • Options for mobile stands, wall mounts and integrated exam systems to solve workflow requirements
  • Secure: FIPS-approved encryption of transmitted data and a range of additional security features
  • Automated Early Warning Scoring to help clinicians identify and respond to signs of patient deterioration (ie. MEWS, NEWS)
  • Customizable workflow options for documenting patient observations (ie. Is & Os, Pain Scale) and vitals modifiers (ie. BP cuff location)

Product Specifications

Product Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 24.13 CM
Width: 39.37 CM
Depth: 20.32 CM
Weight: 3.25 KG
Connects to EMR? Yes
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Product Warranty: TWO YEAR WARRANTY
Specifications are for a 'typical' configuration. Click on any part number link to see part number specific details.

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Are you visually assessing respiration rate?


With patient outcomes in mind, spot-check respiration rate with the Connex Spot Monitor featuring Masimo® RRp® technology

Nurse placing Masimo SPO2 sensor on patient finger in hospital



See it in action.

In just about one minute, learn how Connex Spot Monitor can help you:


  • Collect a complete set of patient vital signs
  • Reduce vitals documentation errors
  • Boost staff efficiency
  • Improve hypertension diagnosis accuracy
  • And much more

Connex Spot Monitor Single Sign-on

Protecting Patient Privacy, Data Integrity and Nurses’ Time

Your clinicians need fast access to patient vitals. But hospitals must secure medical devices to protect patient privacy, data integrity and compliance.

That’s why the Welch Allyn Connex family of vital signs devices feature secure access with Imprivata®.


For Office-Based Settings

Importance of BP Averaging

A firsthand observational study by a leading cardiologist revealed that more than half of patients could be misdiagnosed in a hypertensive category using the single reading method.

Averaging multiple blood pressure readings helps to provide a more precise measurement that can take into account the following anomolies: 

  • white coat hypertension
  • talking or active listening
  • distended bladder
  • cuff over clothing
  • smoking within 30 minutes of measurement
  • unsupported arm
  • measurement while standing


For Hospital Settings

Connex Custom Scoring App

Capture a custom patient score at the bedside—right from your Connex Spot Monitor. The Connex Scoring App provides an optional point-of-care calculator that is customized to your facility’s protocols. With the Connex Scoring App, clinicians can document and track signs of patient deterioration and make informed patient care decisions quickly.

Support your facility’s early warning score protocol:

  • Create your own custom calculations or match national standards
  • Automate calculations, such as scores, falls assessments or other data captured at the bedside
  • Capture additional data needed, such as intakes, outputs or patient consciousness levels
  • Customize your messages based on calculations

Connex with Electronic Vitals Documentation



Connex with Electronic Vitals Documentation - Patient vitals are sent directly from the bedside to the electronic medical record (EMR), giving clinicians immediate access to accurate patient vitals information to make informed patient care decisions, while also helping to reduce transcription errors and the time spent manually entering patient vitals.

Connecting Vital Signs Devices to the EMR

Going One Step Further for Patients and Nurses: Eliminating Manual Vital Signs Documentation to Prioritize Value-Added Care

Understanding the value of nursing efficiency, a large hospital wanted to examine the effects of eliminating manual vital signs documentation in its medical/surgical units. The hospital measured vitals capture and documentation times before and after connecting their Connex® Vital Signs Monitors to the hospital’s EMR. During the study, this hospital wanted to explore the impact of connected devices on nurses' time and value-added care. Read the full article or view our infographic to see the results of this study.

Going One Step Further for Patients and Nurses Infographic

For Office-Based Settings

Wireless EMR Connectivity

Improved data accuracy, efficiency and mobility.

  • Wireless transfer of vital signs to the patient chart eliminates data entry errors.
  • Elimination of typing into patient records helps to increase staff efficiency.
  • Freedom from wires and cables provides the flexibility to easily work in a limited space.

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