If you know Welch Allyn, then you know Hillrom. 

ELI™ 280 Resting Electrocardiograph


  • 10.1" high-res color touchscreen presents all 12 leads of data simultaneously
  • Captures best 10 seconds of ECG data from memory, reducing need for repeat ECGs
  • VERITAS™ algorithm uses gender-specific, adult/ped criteria for interpretation
  • Wide screen improves navigation, data entry & electrode connection verification
  • Optional wireless data acquisition increases workspace flexibility
  • Supports pacemaker spike detection with 40,000 sps/channel data capture
  • Includes hook-up confirmation by detection and display of lead reversals
  • 1k sps/channel capture for signal assessment during analysis, display & printing

Product Specifications

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The unique WAM™ Wireless Acquisition Module benefits both patients and clinicians.

Equivalent in size and weight to a conventional wired patient cable, the Wireless Acquisition Module provides freedom of movement for the clinician while acquiring electrocardiograms and during cardiac stress testing. With the Wireless Acquisition Module, the electrocardiograph no longer needs to be right at the patient’s bedside; this is particularly advantageous in critical situations or when the patient is in isolation.

  • Dedicated, secure communication links the module to a single ECG/cardiac stress testing system
  • Full diagnostic-quality ECG with a high-fidelity acquisition sampling rate of 40,000 samples per second per channel—a benefit for accurate pacemaker detection
  • Elimination of the cable reduces a source of artifact, resulting in high-quality ECG tracings
  • On/off, 12-lead ECG acquisition and rhythm printing at the bedside with the simple press of a button
Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM)

ECG Safe™ cloud-based service: The safe way to digitally store your ECGs in the cloud

The ECG Safe cloud-based service provides an easy, effective way to store ECGs for convenient viewing and file management from computers and mobile devices, without the need for special software or IT support. It can save clinicians time by eliminating the scanning of printed ECGs, instead providing quick access to your ECGs as high-quality PDFs.

  • Supports Microsoft® Windows®, Mac®, iOS® and Android™ devices
  • Quick and easy setup with no advanced IT support or software installation required
  • Helps meet HIPAA obligations with data encryption—while stored and while traveling between cloud servers and computers or mobile devices
  • Advanced security with access control via user-specific linked accounts and audit logs to help monitor data access

Information Exchange

Share ECG data with the systems you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

In ambulatory care...

  • Access simple PDF reports in the cloud with the ECG Safe cloud-based service.
  • Take orders/send reports with a single keystroke with bi-directional connectivity. 

In acute care...

  • Experience the benefits of bi-directional communication via USB, USB memory stick, internal modem, LAN or wireless LAN with third-party EMR, HIS, and PACS systems via XML, PDF, UNIPRO, and DICOM®.
ELI 280 EMR Connectivity