KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula Cost Analysis

This Cost Analysis calculator helps you estimate the potential savings of using disposable vaginal specula. The tool comes preloaded with exemplary values that should be reviewed to see how they might apply to your facility settings.

Metal Vaginal Specula Expenses

*Note 1
*Note 2
*Note 3
*Note 4
*Note 5
*Note 6
*Note 7
*Note 8
*Note 9
*Note 10

Disposable Vaginal Specula Expenses

*Note 11
*Note 12
*Note 13



*Note 1Salary amounts based on data from: http://www.bls.gov/oes/2011/may/oes291111.htm

*Note 2Estimated cost of metal vaginal specula from: http://gynexcorporation.com/stainlesssteel-2.aspx

*Note 3This value is based on the average cost of an autocalve.

*Note 4The product is guaranteed for 5 years. This value is equal to the total autoclave cost divided by five.

*Note 5This cost is based on a nurse spending 30 minutes per week for one year.

*Note 6This cost is based on $25.00 every two weeks for one year.

*Note 7This is the cost of the initial training course plus an annual audit meeting for one nurse.

*Note 8This cost is based on 1.5 hours or work per day for one year. This work includes time for soaking, cleaning, rinsing, placing in and removal from the autoclave, and the replacement in exam rooms.

*Note 9This cost is based on a nurse spending 30 minutes per week for one year.

*Note 10This is based on the purchase of 5 specula per year,

*Note 11The number of exams performed per week.

*Note 12The cost per disposable specula.

*Note 13The cost of the exams performed in a week


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