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My hospital or clinical practice is most concerned with:


Enhancing Patient Safety


Improve Financial Outcomes


Managing Change & Consolidation



At Welch Allyn, we're constantly pursuing ways to improve patient outcomes and business efficiencies. Whether it's helping you improve clinical workflows, reduce cross-contamination, or manage environmental impact, no one is as intensely focused on helping you solve the problems you face every day.


Enhancing Patient Safety

Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) can have a significant patient safety, efficiency and financial impact on your hospital. Standardizing to a single-patient-use blood pressure cuff workflow where each patient gets a new disposable blood pressure cuff is a simple way to help reduce cross-contamination risks and enhance patient safety. Welch Allyn is the only company with two unique technology options to help you implement a single-patient-use cuff workflow.


Request your copy of the American Journal of Infection Control research paper

For more information on reducing cross-contamination, or to request a copy of the American Journal of Infection Control's research paper: "Implementation of Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs as a Novel Approach to Reduce Fomite Transmission of Healthcare-Associated Clostridium difficile Infection in a Community Hospital", please email jamie.wood@welchallyn.com. 



Improve Financial Outcomes

Each hospital-acquired infection costs a hospital nearly $40,000.* Standardizing cuffs to a single-patient-use model can help reduce the risk of cuff-related cross-contamination, streamline inventory management, and improve clinical workflow—advancements that will make a positive impact on your bottom line.


“System-wide standardization with Welch Allyn Cuffs enabled us to reduce SKUs by over 90%. This has conservatively saved the hospital system nearly $140k each year in excess inventory and related acquisition costs.”

Peter Stephens, Director | Supply Chain Operations Grady Health System



Managing Change & Consolidation

Managing consolidation and change—the process of choosing the right blood pressure cuffs, determining the right conversion method, and implementing the change—must be carefully handled. 

Our experience, comprehensive product line, and conversion options ensure that we can optimize the clinical and financial benefits at your facility. Our conversion teams handle the process, from consultation to implementation, to make the transition smooth and painless.


Standardization Technology

Two Solutions. Your Choice.

Choose from the most comprehensive range of blood pressure cuff technologies to get a standardization solution that's right for your facility.


The true standard in blood pressure cuff standardization



Traditional technology with a tradition of reliability


FlexiPort® Blood Pressure Cuffs


FlexiPort cuff standardization technology is an innovative, easy-to-use connection technology that helps you control costs. The single-point FlexiPort connection is a practical innovation that enables virtually any device to work with Welch Allyn FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs—without the hassle of traditional cuff tubes and connectors. FlexiPort technology is available on three unique cuff styles to cover every area of your hospital: reusable, disposable, and the new single-patient FlexiPort EcoCuff™.


Enhance Patient Safety

FlexiPort offers options that help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and facilitate proper cuff sizing.


Improve Financial Outcomes

FlexiPort simplifies cuff standardization to reduce excess inventory costs by as much as $140k.***



Non-latex cuffs in a full range of sizes that meet applicable AAMI standards.**


Improved Sustainability

Range of choices that can help reduce environmental impact by more than 60%.****


FlexiPort EcoCuff™ Single-Patient-Use Blood Pressure Cuffs


Traditional single-patient-use cuff solutions can be expensive, wasteful, and difficult to implement. The innovative EcoCuff design helps hospitals reduce the risk of cross-contamination with technology that makes it simple to implement a single-patient-use cuff model, while at the same time helping to control costs and the hospital's environmental impact.


FlexiPort Disposable Cuffs


FlexiPort Reusable Cuffs


FlexiPort EcoCuff Cuffs

Trimline™ Blood Pressure Cuffs


Standardization with Trimline technology offers a proven, dependable connection technology that clinicians know and trust. Using traditional tube-and-connector configurations, facilities that standardize on Trimline will experience minimal impact on nursing workflow.


Patient Safety

Traditional y-tube standardization can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination in a single-patient-use cuff model.



Traditional non-latex cuffs in a full range of sizes that meet applicable AAMI standards.**


Staff Satisfaction

Access to trusted technology that caregivers are familiar with and comfortable using.


Trimline Disposable Cuffs


Trimline Reusable Cuffs


Literature Downloads

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*Stone PW, Larson E, Kawar LN. A systematic audit of economic evidence linking nosocomial infections and infection control interventions: 1990-2000. AM J Infect Control 2002; 30: 145-52.
**Compliant to AAMI-SP10:2002 standard for blood pressure cuffs.
***Savings based on actual standardization at Grady Health System, Atlanta, GA.
****Based on an independent life cycle analysis conducted by The Center of Sustainable Production at Rochester Institute of Technology comparing EcoCuff to traditional FlexiPort disposable blood pressure cuffs and traditional Trimline cuffs when used in a one-cuff-per-patient-use model.