If you know Welch Allyn, then you know Hillrom. 


The medical device industry recently has been targeted in a number of email and other ‘phishing’ schemes in which criminals impersonate representatives of medical device companies (like Welch Allyn) in an attempt to mislead and defraud victims with fake offers to establish distribution or supplier relationships. These schemes are frequently initiated via email or other internet communications, but can also occur over the telephone when false information is transmitted to a Caller ID display. Please be advised that these phishing schemes are fraudulent and are a scam.

Please also be advised that Welch Allyn establishes its distributor and supplier relationships through personal contacts, and therefore any communication via e mail to establish a business relationship with Welch Allyn solely through electronic communications should be ignored. Further, any other type of communications from a website or email address that does not end exactly with "welchallyn.com" is not an authentic communication from Welch Allyn and should be ignored. In any case in which you are suspicious of the authenticity of a communication purportedly from Welch Allyn, you can verify it by contacting welchallynlegal@welchallyn.com.

Finally, please be advised that in no event will Welch Allyn or any of its affiliates have any liability or responsibility associated with any activities undertaken by those responsible for this scam, or any similar or other scam.