Doing our part.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Welch Allyn is passionate about improving the health and well-being of the people and communities we are associated with globally. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, on maintaining our position as a benevolent company that is committed to making contributions in areas where we can make a difference in health, education, and community.


Employee Volunteer Program

Welch Allyn has a rich history of supporting and enabling employees' involvement in their communities. Welch Allyn offers a variety of volunteer opportunities directly to their employees through CSR, while other employees give countless hours of their own time to improving their communities. Our programs encourage our employees to be generous. We are delighted to support their passion for volunteering or giving back to their communities.

Welch Allyn is pleased to be a workplace of people who work on the frontlines of their communities—improving the world by starting in their own neighborhoods.

Community Outreach

Discovering and developing new technologies and products that help people is what we do every day. Our desire to help others extends far beyond our business and into each community where we operate.

Our Charitable Gifts Committee supports non-profit community organizations that promote health and wellness, basic human needs, educational programs and military/veterans’ causes. Welch Allyn has long-standing relationships with numerous large non-profits like the United Way and American Heart Association that enhance the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work. We also support numerous small non-profits in our communities, especially ones where our employees donate or volunteer, or from which they benefit.

Welch Allyn is proud to be a conscientious corporate citizen, giving back to the communities that helped put us on the forefront of the medical device industry.

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Worldwide Goodwill

At Welch Allyn, we recognize the impact our success has on frontline care around the world each and every day. We enable non-profit, non-governmental organizations to provide humanitarian relief to disadvantaged people throughout the world. We refer requests to partners who distribute available product to qualified large and small mission projects, domestic programs, international healthcare development programs and disaster relief agencies.

Heart to Heart International and Welch Allyn have been working together to advance the delivery of healthcare to those in need for nearly two decades. Together, the two organizations have delivered millions of dollars in donated medical equipment around the world and improved the skills of thousands in emerging countries.

International Aid and Welch Allyn connect with people in need by providing life-saving medical equipment to facilitate the work of healthcare teams who travel around the world to care for others. International Aid utilizes their biomedical and international expertise to keep the equipment working.

If your organization is seeking donations of medical products for humanitarian relief, please follow the link below and complete the form for referral to our appropriate partner. Qualifying organizations must be certified 501(c)3 organizations using the donated product for the delivery of humanitarian aid in the care of the sick, the needy or children per the IRS guidelines. All donation requests are subject to internal review and product dissemination is at the sole discretion of Welch Allyn’s partner organizations.