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460 Green Series Portable Headlight Veterinary

The Welch Allyn Green Series Portable Headlight illuminates precisely where it is needed, with cool, bright light that ensures comfort for both the patient and veterinarian.

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Veterinary

One of the most advanced BIOs available, has state-of-the-art, convenient features with a lightweight, comfortable fit and increased stability.

Bivalve Speculum Veterinary

The Bivalve Speculum is designed for use during an examination or to facilitate the removal of foreign bodies. With small animals it can be used for ENT or vaginal procedures.

Diagnostic Veterinary Otoscope

Halogen HPX™ illumination and fiber-optics to the distal tip for easy examinations.

Fiber-Optic Laryngoscope Systems Veterinary

Designed with patient care and staff satisfaction in mind, our laryngoscope solutions are innovative; featuring a small profile for improved balance and maneuverability, they help facilitate even the ...

Fiber-Optic Sigmoidoscopes Veterinary

The finest in design and craftsmanship for optimal clinical performance.

Green Series Exam Light IV Veterinary

The GS Exam Light IV provides a whiter, brighter light than halogen, consuming less energy. Ideal for specialties that require very focused light in specific areas.

Green Series 900 Procedure Light Veterinary

This procedure light featuring six LEDs, combines outstanding durability, extraordinary maneuverability, unparalleled spot quality and multiple mounting options.

Green Series 300 General Exam Light Veterinary

Utilizing a single LED, provides a whiter, brighter light than halogen and consumes less energy

Green Series 600 Minor Procedure Light Veterinary

Featuring three LEDs and a wider head, the Green Series 600 Minor Procedure Light is designed specifically for demanding viewing conditions.

Green Series Procedure Headlight Veterinary

The Welch Allyn Green Series Procedure Headlight provides cool, bright, white light that’s ideal for veterinary procedures.

Halogen Fiber-Optic Transilluminators Veterinary

General fiber-optic examination light for checking pupil reflex. Curved transillumination allows for viewing frontal and maxillary sinuses, to improve patient comfort.

Harvey DLX Stethoscope Veterinary

The Harvey™ DLX Stethoscope is a full-range cardiology/pulmonology stethoscope developed for precision and acoustic clarity. Providing clear, crisp sound, the Harvey DLX helps enhance your auscultatio...

Harvey Elite Stethoscope Veterinary

The Harvey Elite offers updated styling along with the superior comfort and auscultation capabilities that cardiologists have come to rely on.

KleenSpec Disposable Sigmoidoscopes Veterinary

The Welch Allyn Disposable Sigmoidoscope is one of our most popular designs, for convenience and efficiency during examinations, and developed to help reduce risk from cross-contamination.

Larynx and Nasopharynx Illuminators Veterinary

Featuring Halogen HPX™ illumination, fiber-optic light transmission and wide-angle rotatable mirror for examinations that are easy and accurate, to improve patient outcomes and staff efficiency.

Otoscopio Quirúrgico Veterinario

El beneficio de un sistema abierto con lente giratorio, espéculo opcional y además luz blanca y brillante durante los procedimientos.

Otoscopio Digital MacroView™ Veterinario

The Welch Allyn Digital MacroView Veterinary Otoscope is a simple, affordable tool that lets you see, share, and save digital images of the ear for consultation with peers and clients.

Otoscopio para uso veterinario MacroView™

Con el Otoscopio Veterinario MacroView se puede obtener una visión más profunda, más amplia y más clara de la oreja, un avance en la otoscopía que le ayuda a realizar uno de los procedimientos más com...

PanOptic Ophthalmoscope Veterinary

Developed and patented by Welch Allyn—creator of the world’s first hand-held direct-illuminating ophthalmoscope—the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope is a breakthrough concept in veterinary ophthalmoscopy.

Pneumatic Otoscope Veterinary

The Welch Allyn Veterinary Pneumatic Otoscope provides bright, white light output and a rotating lens with ultraseal for pneumatic otoscopy.

Professional Stethoscope Veterinary

The Welch Allyn Professional stethoscopes provide excellent sound quality, durability and comfort. The lightweight and adjustable binaurals and eartips, make them perfect for listening to cardiac, pul...

Standard (Lamp) Laryngoscope Systems Veterinary

Designed with patient care and staff satisfaction in mind, our laryngoscope solutions are innovative; featuring a small profile for improved balance and maneuverability, they help facilitate even the ...

Standard Anoscope

Welch Allyn Standard, Operating and Rotating Anoscope Speculum with Obturator are made from the finest design and craftsmanship for optimal performance during procedures.

Standard Ophthalmoscope Veterinary

Uses halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. Versatile and reliable at an economical price.

SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer (Veterinary)

Taking temperatures is easy, safe, and accurate. And taking care of all your patients is more convenient.

Veterinary Diagnostic Set Veterinary

Welch Allyn Veterinary Diagnostic Sets can be customized to meet your needs.