Student Warranty Policy

Over the years, healthcare professionals and soon-to-be professionals like yourself have come to depend on Welch Allyn diagnostic equipment to perform under even the toughest conditions. That's because doctors and other medical professionals know that every Welch Allyn instrument is designed and constructed to the most exacting standards and specifications to ensure accuracy, performance and most importantly, reliability.

Unconditional Guarantee While You're A Student and Resident

All Welch Allyn and Tycos® brand instruments are unconditionally guaranteed against failure while you're a student through your second year of residency. The only thing we don't cover is loss or theft. Even our lamps are covered. If the light burns out, we'll replace the lamp free of charge while you are a student and through your second year of residency.

Guaranteed Throughout Your Career

Diagnostic Sets

When you complete your education and second year of residency, Welch Allyn will continue to repair or replace, free of charge, any parts of our manufacture that prove to be defective for reasons other than misuse, neglect, damage during shipment, or normal wear and tear.

Sphygmomanometers (Blood Pressure Gauges)

Welch Allyn offers a complete range of Sphygmomanometers and a wide variety of accessories to ensure accurate readings, convenience, and long instrument life. Tycos Classics feature a lifetime warranty against parts and manufacturing defects, and free recalibration if ever required. The Tycos DS66 Hand Aneroid carries a 15-year warranty, including free recalibration if required.


The Harvey™ Elite® and Harvey™ DLX Double- and Triple-head Stethoscopes carry a 10-year warranty that will be extended at no charge, if necessary, to cover you as a student through your second year of residency. The Harvey Double-head, Harvey Triple-head, and Spectrum Stethoscopes carry a five-year warranty that also will be extended to include your student years through second year of residency.

Student Return Policy

Products can be returned within 30-days of receipt. To return merchandise and receive credit, you must first call our Customer Service Department  at 1-800-535-6663 to recieve a Return Merchandise Authorization. You will receive specific shipping instructions at this time. You are required to return items in their original packaging. 


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