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HR 100 Holter Recorder

Cables & Sensors

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Part #: 08113-0002

GTIN: 00732094022650

3-channel Holter hook-up kit, incl. two 1.5 V AA batteries, patient diary, razor, abrading pad, alcohol prep pads, 7 disposable Holter electrodes and Disposable Pouch

Part #: 45002-0000

GTIN: 00732094003864

Holter electrodes, 500/case

Part #: 704547

GTIN: 00732094128338

Welch Allyn HR-100 Holter Recorder Cable; 7-Lead AHA

Cases (Storage/Carry)

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Part #: 704553

GTIN: 00732094128253

Holter Recorder 1OO Carrying Case and Strap

Computer Accessories

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Part #: 704555

GTIN: 00732094128215

USB Bluetooth Adaptor