Welch Allyn EMR Partner Program

Welch Allyn is committed to putting our customers first. This means doing all we can to ensure we can adequately support our customers through all phases of a connected device implementation. We want to be able to set the right expectations during the decision-making process as well as ensure we can support them as needed post sale.

It is in this spirit that the EMR program was created—to document and ensure we can adequately support our mutual clients.

The purpose of the Welch Allyn EMR program is as follows:

  • Create an understanding between Welch Allyn and the EMR on the level of engagement that can or should be expected from each party
  • Provide electronic documentation of the Welch Allyn connectable products, interface tools, best practices and workflow for the EMR
  • Complete a Software Licensing agreement for the following purpose:
    • Document each product interface and technical information
    • Document what the customer requirements are for the interface—what they need from Welch Allyn and from the EMR
    • Document the technical support processes for when Welch Allyn or the EMR has a direct issue with a product
    • Document the technical support process for when a mutual customer has an issue with a Welch Allyn device that is connected to the EMR
  • Ensure Welch Allyn has adequate priority on the EMRs that will meet the majority of our customer needs

The EMR Partner Program consists of three tiers.

EMR partners are assigned to tiers based on their revenue, market share, meaningful use attestations and other relevant characteristics.

Tier 1
  • Dedicated EMR Team member assigned
  • Technical Support team assigned—up to 40 hours
  • Software License and Marketing Agreement
  • Quarterly business review
Tier 2
  • Shared EMR Team Member assigned—as needed
  • Technical support—up to 10 hours
  • Software License and Marketing Agreement
  • Bi-annual business review
Tier 3
  • Technical and marketing resources
  • Technical support—3 hours
  • Locally supported by Welch Allyn rep in territory
  • Annual business review
  • Non Disclosure Agreement

Developers and EMR Manufacturers

For information on Software Development Kits (SDK), CardioPerfect API as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), interface development partnerships, or licensing and marketing, please contact us using the form below:



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