H12+™ Digital Holter Recorder


  • 12-lead data recorded beat-by-beat on a compact flash memory card
  • Analysis system features VERITAS signal processing and analysis
  • HScribe Holter Analysis System provides sophisticated review and editing tools
  • 10,000 samples/sec/channel for superior pacemaker spike detection
  • Weighs just four ounces (125 grams)

Product Specifications

Connects to EMR? No

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Holter Analysis Systems

The HScribe and E-Scribe Holter Analysis Systems can satisfy a full range of Holter monitoring needs, from simple to complex. Find the solution that is right for your organization.


Safe and Secure Data Transfer

The Web Upload holter and ABP data transfer solution enables holter and ABP recordings to be uploaded from a computer with Internet access to a scanning center equipped with the Web Upload solution. A wizard-like user interface allows for quick and easy H3+, H12+ and ambulatory blood pressure recorder data transfer, patient demographic entry, diary event annotation and recorder media preparation. A web-based application means there is no limit to the number of client sites, and secure transfer (SSL) with authentication helps protect patients' privacy and facilitates regulatory and HIPAA compliance.