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Experience the Difference with Spot: Which Spot Vision Screener is right for you?

The Spot Vision Screener is an easy to use portable solution to help easily identify vision disabilities in children and adults. Spot enables users with a better screening experience through a one-touch activation touch screen display, simple management of patient data entry and easy screening for both vision screening and autorefraction applications.

Pediatrics, Schools and Mass Screenings

Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener

This solution is ideal for pediatric clinics, schools, public health facilities, and mass screening events.

  • Easy to use with minimal user training require
  • Fast binocular screening with a one-second capture time
  • Automated screening provides thorough, objective results in seconds
  • One-page screening result with follow-up care recommendations


Spot Vision Screener Autorefractor

This solution is an easy to use autorefractor that accurately identifies refractive errors and ocular misalignment in children and adults.

  • Screen your adult patients with a pupil size as small as 3 mm.
  • Autorefracts patients of all ages without dilation (6 months to seniors)
  • Simultaneous binocular readings in a single shot
  • On screen results in both eyes displayed in seconds
  • Results sent directly to EMR with a connected workflow