Giving Nurses the Gift of Time

by Lafayette General Medical Center

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Learn how Lafayette General Medical Center has experienced improvements in staff efficiency and satisfaction, while reducing errors during vitals capture. Spend a few minutes learning how the Connex® Vital Signs Monitor with Electronic Vitals Documentation has helped give back valuable time to nurses, helps to meet Meaningful Use requirements and maximized the value of its EMR. You’ll hear from the nurse clinical educator, clinical nurse managers and applications manager.

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Jamie Gonzales

Nurse Clinical Educator,
Lafayette General Medical Center


Dave Perkins

Senior Manager, Global Marketing Programs,
Welch Allyn


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Lafayette General Medical Center—Giving Nurses the Gift of Time

With over 350 beds, Lafayette General Medical Center (Lafayette) is part of Lafayette General Health (LGH), a regional health care network serving south central Louisiana. The facility has standardized on Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitors (VSM) in an effort to improve patient safety, care and efficiency, while also maximizing its investment in the Cerner Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use. According to the staff at Lafayette, utilizing the Connex VSM has resulted in benefits in all of these areas. However, the benefit that has been most noted is a simple one: Welch Allyn Connex VSM gave nurses at Lafayette General Medical Center the gift of time.


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