Why Welch Allyn?

Three key elements differentiate Welch Allyn stethoscopes from the competition: better performance, high quality, and more value.

Welch Allyn Harvey and Elite cardiology stethoscopes are designed by the pre-eminent Dr. Proctor Harvey—the first and only “Master” of cardiology bestowed by the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Harvey designed these stethoscopes to accentuate the more important high-frequency ejection sounds, systolic clicks, and murmurs. Harvey and Elite stethoscopes also conform to American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines that indicate a stethoscope should include a diaphragm (for high frequency sounds) and bell (for low-frequency sounds). Many competitive brands have only a diaphragm. Unlike other brands, Harvey DLX and Elite also have adjustable binaurals, as recommended in the AHA guidelines.

Welch Allyn cardiology stethoscopes are rugged, and are backed with warranties that typically exceed competitive models by two or more years.

Welch Allyn Harvey and Elite stethoscopes are convertible, including both adult and pediatric diaphragms. It’s like getting two stethoscopes for the price of one.

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What should I look for in a stethoscope?

First and foremost, you want to be sure that the stethoscope fits correctly.  If you can't get sound past the eartip to your tympanic membrane, all other features are unimportant.  The more custom the fit, the easier the sounds travel to your ear.

As a student, you must consider the versatility of the scope.  The Harvey DLX and Elite, for example, adapt easily for pediatrics, and the bell is essential for cardiology.

What is the advantage of a two-tube stethoscope?

Two-tube stethoscopes, such as the Harvey DLX and Elite, provide an individual sound channel to each ear. This allows you to hear the subtle characteristics of heart sounds and murmurs more distinctly. The heavier tubing also filters out the distracting noise typical of a busy medical environment.

Product Information

Cardiology-Grade Stethoscopes

Elite® Cardiology Stethoscope
The Elite Cardiology Stethoscope, designed by Dr. Proctor Harvey, combines the acoustic excellence of the Harvey DLX with a sleek stainless chestpiece and non-chill rims.


HarveyTM  DLX Cardiology Stethoscope
Harvey DLX cardiology stethoscopes were developed by the preeminent Dr. Proctor Harvey to deliver the critically important high-frequency heart sounds like clicks, murmurs, and ejection sounds.

General Diagnostic Stethoscopes

Professional Stethoscope
Comfort sealing eartips combined with light weight make the Professional the most comfortable stethoscope manufactured today.


Lightweight Stethoscopes
These lightweight, high-quality stethoscopes are perfect for blood pressure measurements and general auscultation.  Featuring flexible single-channel tubing, they ensure extreme comfort even when used over extended periods.


A History of Innovation

For nearly 100 years, doctors have looked to Welch Allyn first for the best in diagnostic and blood pressure instruments. Learn more.


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