Superior illumination for faster and easier refractions

The Halogen HPX Retinoscope provides 40% more light output than conventional scopes and maintains a consistent output level throughout its life. Ths greatly enhanced illumination produces the sharpest retinal reflex, making refractions easier than ever. Add to this our other popular features like a convenient external focusing sleve, and all all together the Welch Allyn Elite Retinoscope is the most user-friendly and innovative instrument available.

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Retinoscopes: The Basics

A retinoscope is an instrument used to objectively determine the refractive power of the eye. It works by allowing the examiner to project a beam of light into the eye and then observe the light as it is reflected back out of the eye.  The emerging light will change as it passes through the optical components of th eye, and by judging how much it changes, the examiner can determine the refractive power of the eye.

Types of Retinoscopy

There are basically static retinoscopy and dynamic retinoscopy. Static retinoscopy is used for routine refractions with the patient viewing a distant target. Dynamic retinoscopy is performed when the patient focuses on a near target and is helpful in determining the accommodative ability of eyes with decreased vision and in checking for residual accommodation after administering a cycloplegic drug.

Product Information

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EliteTM  Retinoscope

The Elite Retinoscope has an enhanced light output that makes refractions easier than ever by producing one of the brightest, sharpest, and cleanest streaks available.  Features such as a convenient external focusing sleeve, sealed optics, and an optional polarizing filter make this one of the most user-friendly and innovative retinoscopes offered.



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