• Flexible solution—evolve with technology to increase equipment life
  • Foster patient engagement—provide tools to help change patient behavior
  • EMR integration—enhances accuracy of patient info and reduces duplicate effort
  • Easily installed—conveniently packaged/ready for deployment (WiFi and cellular)
  • Save time and money—proactively identify patients who need the most attention
  • Proactive intervention—react early to complications to reduce avoidable costs
  • Friendly interface—helps patients send vital signs/health info to providers
  • Easily accessed—simple, secure web portal for reviewing patient information

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Designed for all your telehealth needs

The Welch Allyn mVSM solution enables providers to deliver high-quality care outside traditional healthcare settings

mVSM Solution User Flow Chart
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The Empirical Foundations of Telemedicine Interventions for

Chronic Disease Management

In September 2014, Telemedicine and E-Health featured a systemic review by Dr. Rashid Bashshur and Dr. Gary Shannon from the University of Michigan and the University of Kentucky, respectively, of evidence from studies on the effects of telemedicine in the management of chronic diseases, specifically, congestive heart failure (CHF), stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).​

According to the review, the benefits of telemedicine generally included reductions in use of service:

  • hospital admissions/readmissions
  • length of hospital stay
  • emergency visits typically declined

In addition, there were often reductions in mortality.

mVSM Mobile Vital Signs Monitoring

Easy-to-use monitoring devices that support patient engagement

The Welch Allyn mVSM solution is designed to help patients manage their health more effectively, providing monitoring tools, reminders and motivation to change behaviors and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The mVSM solution utilizes familiar, commercially available, Bluetooth® measurement devices and permits the manual entry of readings, allowing the ability to incorporate devices that your patient may already own.

mVSM can help with improved care coordination, post-discharge patient care, home health, chronic disease management and other mHealth usage models.

The mVSM Client Portal

Designed to serve the unique needs of our mVSM clients, this exclusive online resource will provide you with new tools and information on the Welch Allyn Mobile Vital Signs Monitoring solution.

mVSM Client Portal

Learn More About the Mobile Vital Signs Monitoring Solution